Lower Hutt City's first choice for a traditional Chinese menu

Tasty, traditional Shanghai cuisine!

If you are in the mood for an authentic and delicious Chinese menu in Lower Hutt City, Shanghai Kitchen has a great selection of mouth 
watering dishes available. One look at our restaurant menu and you'll find all of your favourite traditional dishes from Shanghai. We've got 
something for everyone, whether you're looking to eat in, or take away and have our freshly cooked cuisine in your own home.

Give us a call in Lower Hutt City today and enjoy the amazing flavours of traditional Chinese cooking. We are waiting to take your order!
Appetizers in Lower Hutt Valley


A1. 上海小笼包 $8.80/6

Steamed Shanghai juicy pork buns

A2. 鲜肉锅贴饺 $8.80/6

Shanghai pan fried dumplings

A3. 脆炸鲜虾卷 $9.80/6

Crsipy prawn rolls

A4. 上海糯米烧卖 $6.00/4

Steamed Shanghai shao-mai

A5. 上海素春卷 $7.00/plate

Shanghai vegeterian spring rolls 

A6. 香菇菜包 $6.00/2

Steamed vegetable buns

A7. 花色蒸点 $9.80/6

Mixed steamed dim sums 

A8. 脆炸馄饨 $6.80/6

Deep fried wontons 
rice and noodles

炒饭/炒面 FRIED

E1. 上海粗炒面 $12.80

Shanghai style Fried Noodles

E2. 素什锦炒面 $12.80

Vegetable Fried Noodles

E3. 鸡肉炒面 $13.50

Chicken Fried Noodles

E4. 牛肉炒面 $13.50

Beef Fried Noodles

E5. 咸肉菜炒饭 $14.00

Fried Rice with salted pork and Shanghai cabbage

E6. 香葱蛋炒饭 $11.80

Fried rice with egg and spring onion

E7. 鸡肉炒饭 $13.50

Chicken Fried Rice

E8. 牛肉炒饭 $13.50

Beef Fried Rice

E9. 鲜虾蛋炒饭 $14.50

Fried Rice with prawns and egg 

E10. 上海炒年糕 $16.00

Shanghai style stir fried Rice Cake


B1. 上海酱鸭 $12.00

Shanghai style Duck

B2. 五香酱牛肉 $10.50

Five Spiced Beef

B3. 蒜茸白肉 $9.50

Sliced pork with garlic sauce

B4. 酸辣海带 $6.80

Spicy and sour seaweed

B5. 雪菜毛豆 $7.50

Green soya beans with pickled cabbage

B6. 冰糖蹄花冻 $7.00

Pork hock jelly (cold)

B7. 四喜烤麸 $8.80

Si Xi Kao Fu

B8. 上海熏鱼 $12.80

Deep fried fish in dark soy sauce
Dessert from our chinese menu


G1. 桂花酒酿圆子 $4.50

Shanghai style rice balls in syrup

G2. 豆沙八宝饭 $6.80

Steamed eight-treature rice pudding

G3. 荔枝冰淇淋 $4.00

Ice cream with lychee

G4.香蕉船 $7.00

Banana boat

G5. 冰糖银耳羹 $4.50

White fungus with dates and lotus seeds

G6. 椰汁糯米盏 $8.50

Black glutinous rice with coconut milk 
Rice dish


C1. 招牌卤肉饭 $12.80

Slow cooked pork belly on rice

C2. 柠汁鸡排饭 $12.80

Chicken steak with lemon sauce on rice

C3. 麻婆豆腐饭 $12.80

Mapo tofu on rice

C4. 宫保(酱爆)鸡丁饭 $12.80

Gong-bao (or Jiang-bao) chicken with rice 

C5. 鱼香(酱香)肉丝饭 $12.80

Yu-xiang (or Jiang-xiang) shredded pork with rice 

C6. 蚝油(黑椒)牛肉饭 $12.80

Oyster (or Black Pepper) beef with rice 

C7. 糖醋里脊饭 $12.80

Sweet and sour pork with rice 

C8. 雪笋肉丝饭 $12.80

Shredded pork with bamboo shoots and pickled cabbage with rice 

C9. 辣豆腐饭 $12.80

Shanghai style spicy tofu with rice 


F1. 卤蛋 $2.00

Egg cooked in soy sauce

F2. 花生米 $2.00

Fried Peanuts

F3. 腰果 $3.00

Fried Cashewnuts

F4. 蔬菜 $3.00

Small Vegetable Dish

F5. 蔬菜汤 $3.50

Vegetable Soup of the day

F6. 白饭 $2.00

Steamed Rice
One of our lunch boxes from our Chinese menu in Lower Hutt City


D1. 四川酸辣汤

$5.00 (S) $18.00 (L) 

Sichuan style hot and sour soup

D2. 油豆腐粉丝汤

$4.50 (S) $16.00 (L) 

Fried tofu with vermicelli soup 

D3. 葱油阳春面 $10.00

Shanghai noodles in soup

D4. 招牌焖肉面 $12.80

Noodle soup with slow-cooked pork belly

D5. 雪笋肉丝面 $12.80

Noodle soup with shredded pork and pickled cabbage 

D6. 鸡肉(辣)汤面 $12.80

Chicken noodles in soup

D7. 牛肉(辣)汤面 $12.80

Beef noodles in soup

D8. 素什锦汤面 $11.50

Vegetable noodles in soup

D9. 菜肉大馄饨 $13.50/12 

Large pork wontons in soup

D10. 虾肉小馄饨 $9.00/12

Mini prawn and pork wontons in soup


I1. Chinese tea $1.50/person



I2. Coffee (black/white) $4.50

I3. Hot Chocolate $4.50

I4. English Breakfast Tea $4.00


J1.Juices $4.00 (Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Grapefruit)

J2. Soft Drinks $3.00 (Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, L&P, Fanta)

J3. Ginger Beer $4.00

J4. Lemon & Lime Bitters $4.00

J5. Pump $3.80

J6. Tonic Water $4.50

J7. Milk Shakes $5.00 (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla)

J8. Banana Smoothie $6.00
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