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For delicious food as well as fantastic and friendly service, visit our Chinese restaurant in Lower Hutt City. Our staff will happily serve you a great selection of traditional, delicious Chinese food from Shanghai. To make a booking, or to order from our take-away menu, please call us in Lower Hutt City today.
Chinese food in Lower Hutt City


A1 上海小笼包
Shanghai xiao long bao $8.80/6

Steamed famous mini shanghai pork buns, served with ginger and zhengjiang vinegar
A2 鲜肉锅贴 

Pan Fried Pork Dumplings $8.80/6

Crisp-fried wheaten pastry filled with minced pork served with zhengjiang vinegar
A3 上海糯米烧卖 

Shanghai Style Shao-mai $6.00/4

Steamed dumpling pastry filled with glutinous rice, chicken, bacon, onion and corn
A4 花色蒸点 

Mixed Steamed Dim Sums $9.80/6

A mixture of pork buns, pork dumplings, and shao-mai served with zhengjiang vinegar
A5 脆皮虾卷 

Crispy Prawn Rolls$9.80/6

Deep fried whole prawns wrapped in pastry served with thousand-island sauce
A6 三丝春卷 

Shanghai Style Spring Rolls $7.00/plate

Crisp, golden, deep-fried spring rolls filled with minced pork and vegetables
A7 香菇素菜包 

Steamed vegetable buns $6.00/2

Steamed buns with shanghai cabbage, dried mushroom and dried bean curd stuffing
A8 脆炸馄饨
Deep fried wontons $6.80/6

Deep fried pork and vegetable wontons served with sweet chili sauce


A9 上海五香酱鸭 

Shanghai duck – our specialty $12.00

Braised duck in dark soy sauce and five spice powder
A10 五香酱牛肉
Five spiced beef $10.50

Sliced braised beef shin in dark soy sauce and herbs
A11 蒜泥白肉 

Sliced pork with garlic sauce $9.50

Sliced boiled pork belly in soy sauce, chilli oil and minced garlic
A12 上海熏鱼 

Shanghai style fish fillet $12.80

Deep-fried fish fillet in Chef's special sauce 
A13 冰糖蹄花冻 

Pork hock jelly (cold) $7.00

Chilled pork hock and juice served with zhengjiang vinegar
A14 四喜烤麸 

Si Xi kao Fu $8.80

Stewed wheaten sponge with black fungus, peanuts, dried mushroom and lily flowers
A15 雪菜毛豆 

Green soya bean with pickled cabbage $7.50

Stir fried soy-bean with pickled cabbage and red capsicum
A16 酸辣海带 

Hot and sour seaweed (cold) $6.80
Shredded seaweed in a soy sauce, vinegar, chilli oil and garlic mixture
Soup base


S1 四川酸辣汤 

Sichuan style hot and sour soup $5.00 (s) $18.00 (L)

Shredded bean curd, ham, dried mushroom, bamboo shoots, and egg in chicken stock with vinegar and white pepper
S2 油豆腐粉丝汤 

Fried tofu and vermicelli soup $4.50 (S) $16.00 (L)

Golden cubes of fried tofu with green bean threads in chicken stock
S3 咸肉豆腐汤 

Salted pork and tofu soup $4.50 (S) $17.00 (L)
White tofu and preserved pork in chicken stock
S4 紫菜虾皮汤 

Seaweed and dried shrimps soup $3.50 (S) $13.00 (L)

Dried shrimps and seaweed in chicken stock
S5 鸡汁粟米羹 

Corn and egg soup $4.50 (S) $18.00 (L)

Creamed corn and egg in chicken stock
S6 荠菜肉丝豆腐羹 

Chinese spinach pork and tofu soup $12.00 (M) $18.00 (L)

Cubed tofu, shredded pork and Chinese spinach in chicken stock
S7 大汤腌笃鲜 

Shanghai style soup—Yan Du Xian $19.00 (L)

Fresh and preserved pork with bamboo shoots and bean curd sheet knots in chicken stock
S8 菜肉大馄饨 

Wonton soup $8.00 (S) $15.00 (L)

Shanghai style wontons with seaweed and shredded egg in chicken stock


F1 清炒虾仁 

Stir-fried king prawns $25.60

Stir-fried king prawns (without shell) with seasonal vegetables and baby corn
F2 上海油爆大虾 

Shanghai style king prawns $23.00

Pan-fried black tiger prawns (with shell) in sweet soy sauce
F3 螃蟹炒年糕 

Shanghai style crabs and rice cake $26.00

Braised crabs and rice cake in dark soy sauce
F4 特色香辣蟹 

Chilli crabs $25.60

Stir-fried crabs with dried chilli, celery and onion in hot and spicy sauce
F5 雪笋炝鱼片
Sliced fish fillet in soup $20.80

Shanghai style boiled fish fillet with bamboo shoot and pickled cabbage in chicken stock
F6 糟溜(清炒)鱼片 

Drunken sliced fish fillet $20.80

Stir-fried fish fillet with green vegetables and carrots with or without Chinese wine sauce
F7 麻辣酸菜鱼
Hot and spicy fish fillet $24.00

Boiled fish fillet with pickled mustard greens and chilli in Sichuan pepper oil
F8 美极(香辣)锅仔虾 

King prawns with seasonal vegetables and chilli $26.80

Stir-fried black tiger prawns in seasoning (or spicy sauce) with fresh vegetables in hot pot

猪肉类 PORK

P1 红烧蹄膀

Braised pork hock in chef’s special sauce $20.80

Slow-cooked pork hock in a rich soy flavoured sauce with boiled spinach - our most popular dish
P2 糖醋溜里脊

Sweet and sour pork $19.80

Deep-fried batter coated pork strips with sweet soy sauce and Zhenjiang vinegar topped with sesame
P3 回锅肉夹饼 

Pancake with sliced pork in chilli sauce $19.80 

Twice-cooked pork belly with onion in chilli sauce and fresh vegetables wrapped in Chinese pancake
P4 鱼香肉丝
Yu-xiang shredded pork $18.80

Shredded pork and bamboo shoot in sweet, sour and spicy sauce
P5 椒盐里脊 

Deep-fried pork strips $18.80

Deep fried boneless pork strips coated in batter with salt, pepper and spring onion
P6 雪笋炒肉丝 

Pork with pickled cabbage and bamboo shoot $17.80

Stir-fried shredded pork with bamboo shoot and pickled cabbage
P7 腊肉四季豆 

Beans with air-dried pork $20.80

Stir-fried green beans with air-dried sliced pork
P8 特色蒜香骨 

Deep Fried Pork Spare Ribs $17.50

Deep fried pork spare ribs coated in garlic flavoured batter
加饼 EXTRA Chinese pancake $3.00


C1 宫保鸡丁

Gongbao Chicken $18.50

Stir-fried diced chicken with cashew nuts and dried chilli in dark soy sauce - our best-selling dish
C2 柠汁炸鸡排

Lemon chicken $18.00

Fried battered chicken steak accompanied with lemon dipping sauce
C3 川香辣子鸡

Spicy chicken wings $17.00

Fried chicken wings with dried chilli and spring onion
C4 特色陈皮鸡

Orange chicken $18.00

Batter coated chicken strips stir-fried with onion, carrots and orange zest
C5 沙茶溜鸡

Satay chicken $18.00

Chicken strips stir-fried with onion and carrots in satay paste
C6 香葱椒盐鸡

Salt and pepper chicken $17.50

Deep-fried boneless chicken strips coated in batter with salt, pepper, red capsicum and spring onion
C7 麻辣(原味)干锅鸡

Hot & spicy chicken wings $20.80

Stir-fried chicken wings in original (or spicy) sauce with potatoes and lotus root in hot pot
C8 时蔬鸡肉

Stir-fried chicken with vegetable $19.00

Stir-fried sliced chicken with fresh broccoli, cauliflower and cashew nuts

牛肉类 BEEF

B1 蚝油牛肉 

Oyster beef $18.50

Stir-fried sliced beef with onion, carrots, and green vegetable in oyster sauce
B2 黑椒牛肉

Black pepper beef $18.50

Stir-fried sliced beef with carrots, onion, and green vegetable in soy sauce and black pepper
B3 牛肉炒杂菜

Beef with vegetable $18.50

Stir-fried sliced beef with fresh vegetables, onion, baby corn, and carrots in soy sauce
B4 水煮牛肉

Sichuan beef $18.00

Sliced beef with vermicelli ,carrots, onion and mung bean sprouts in hot and spicy soup
B5 红焖牛肉

Stewed beef in casserole $16.00

Beef cubes braised in a rich gravy with bean curd sticks and dry chilli in casserole
B6 腰果牛肉

Beef with Cashew nuts $19.50

Stir-fried sliced beef with fresh vegetables and cashew nuts


B1 油焖(鱼香)茄子煲

Eggplant with mince in soy (spicy) sauce $18.00

Fried and simmered eggplant with pork mince in soy (or spicy) sauce topped with spring onion
B2 干锅菜花

Spicy Cauliflower $17.00

Stir-fried cauliflower with dried chili and green vegetables 
B3 虾仁豆腐煲

Tofu with shrimps $18.00

Stewed white tofu with whole shrimps topped with spring onion
B4 咸肉豆腐煲

Tofu with salted pork $16.80

Stewed white tofu with sliced salted pork and dried mushrooms topped with spring onion
B5 麻婆豆腐煲

Mapo tofu $14.00

Stewed white tofu with pork mince in soy and chili sauce topped with sichuan pepper and spring onion
B6 螃蟹豆腐煲

Tofu with crabs $20.00

Stewed fried tofu with halved crabs topped with spring onion
B7 腌笃鲜 

Yan du xian $18.00

Fresh and salted pork with bamboo shoots and bean curd sheet knots in chicken stock topped with spring onion
B8 手撕包心菜

Cabbage with pork and dried chilli $15.00

Stir-fried sliced cabbage with pork and dried chilli in hot pot


V1 干烧四季豆

Green beans with dried shrimp $18.00

Stir-fried green beans with pickles and dried shrimp
V2 上海油焖笋

Shanghai style bamboo shoots $17.50

Stir-fried bamboo shoots in dark soy sauce with sesame oil
V3 香菇小白菜

Shanghai cabbage with dried mushroom $13.50

Stir-fried Shanghai cabbage with Chinese dried mushroom
V4 上海辣豆腐

Shanghai home style tofu $16.00
Stir-fried fried tofu with bamboo shoots, dried mushroom, and green vegetables in hot and spicy sauce
V5 蒜茸西兰花

Broccoli with garlic $13.50
Stir-fried broccoli with minced garlic and red capsicum
V6 蒜茸炒菠菜

Spinach with garlic $13.50

Stir-fried spinach with minced garlic
V7 葱油烫豆腐

Boiled tofu with spring onion $11.00

Boiled tofu with spring onion and light soy sauce in hot oil
V8 时令炒鲜蔬

Seasonal fresh vegetables $16.00

Stir-fried fresh vegetables with minced garlic
Rice & Noodles


R1 香葱蛋炒饭

Fried rice with egg and spring onion $11.50

A light combination of egg and rice to accompany your main dishes
R2 上海粗炒面

Shanghai style fried noodles $14.00

Stir-fried thick noodles with onion, spinach, carrots, mung bean sprouts and shredded pork in dark soy sauce
R3 葱油阳春面

Shanghai noodles in soup $10.00

Thick noodles in chicken stock and soy sauce topped with dried shrimps and spring onion
R4 咸肉菜炒饭

Salted pork fried rice $15.00

Fried rice with salted pork and shanghai cabbage
R5 上海炒年糕

Shanghai rice cake $17.50

Stir-fried rice cake with shredded pork, carrots and shanghai cabbage
R6 鲜虾蛋炒饭

Fried rice with shrimps and egg $17.50

Fried rice with shrimps, egg and spring onion
R7 鸡肉(牛肉, 蔬菜)炒饭

Fried rice with chicken (beef or veges) $16.00

Fried rice with chicken (beef or vegetable) and vegetables
R8 鸡肉(牛肉,蔬菜)炒面

Fried noodles with chicken (beef or veges) $16.00

Stir-fried thick noodles with chicken (beef or vegetable), spinach, onion, carrots and mung bean sprouts in dark soy sauce
R9 白饭
Steamed rice $2.00 (S) $7.00 (L)
Steamed quality jasmine rice


D1 豆沙八宝饭

Steamed eight-treasure rice pudding $7.50

Steamed glutinous rice with red bean paste, lotus seeds, dates, nuts and raisins topped with dried osmanthus - traditional Shanghainese dessert
D2 桂花酒酿圆子

Shanghai-style rice balls with dried osmanthus (S) $5.00 (L) $20.00

Boiled glutinous rice balls and fermented rice in syrup topped with dried osmanthus
D3 冰糖银耳羹

White fungus with dates and lotus seeds (S) $5.00 (L) $18.00

Slow cooked white fungus wih crystal sugar, dates and lotus seeds in sweet syrup
D4 荔枝冰淇淋

Ice cream with lychee $4.50

One scoop of chocolate (or vanilla) ice cream with lychee
D5 香蕉船

Banana boat $7.00

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with fresh banana topped with chocolate sauce


$28/person 10 people/table
1. Steamed Shanghai juicy pork buns


2. Pan fried pork dumplings


3. Crispy prawn rolls


4. Deep fried wontons


5. Five Spiced beef

1. Stir-fried king prawns


2. Braised pork hock in chef’s special sauce


3. Shanghai style duck


4. Gongbao chicken with
cashew nuts


5. Stir-fried sliced beef in black pepper


6. Sliced fish fillet in Chinese wine sauce


7. Stir-fried broccoli with garlic


Steamed Jasmine Rice

Chinese tea

Please don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you have any special requests.
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